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May 22 2018



listen. it’s 2018. it’s time to admit, finally, that bbc sherlock is, in fact, bad, and was only good because we watched it when we were 15 and didn’t know how to dismantle scripts that SOUND clever but are really just gold-flake covered shit

why did it take me 90 minutes to say this

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it’s “Dark Soul,” the famous protagonist of the hit franchise, Dark Souls! known for his famous quotes: “everything is darkest before the soul” and “every soul has its dark”

I want to hit your face with a brick

chill out and have a drink from the ester flask

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Oh, you don’t know about the Uber secret menu items?

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I googled this for days and days once and couldn’t find it so I’m going to reblog it now for safekeeping


Bioshock Infinite: HIT X TO SAY RACISM IS GOOD

Bioshock Infinite: HIT Y TO SAY RACISM IS BAD

player: “racism is bad”

Booker: *stares at gun in hand for a long time* “racism.. goes both ways” *kills the only black character in the game who has a name*


the first ever human to conceptualize a computer was a norse farmer named Eðelgarþ Gusvarþ who had a brief moment of supernatural foresight and imagined a large picture frame you would stare into while using a rock to scroll through pictures of oats. he experienced this thought for only eight seconds until he was instantly killed by an errant farming sickle


pythagoras believed that out of all the planets earth was the worst and the further you could get away from earth the better. some guys burned down his house but he didnt lose his cool he just walked out into the woods and died



My first 4chan post:

>goes to the beach


they liked it




Shes probably committing crimes right now

Who is?

What are you, a cop? piss off


Me seeing Homer Simpson about to get hit in that new meme

May 17 2018

pouring river water in your socks

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you all sure are anxious to send goku up against t hanos considering what happened the last time he tried to take on a purple alien dude who blew up planets


Today’s Reylo is:

T. Hanos from the Marvel Cinematic Universe series

“I will bathe the the stairways in antis’ blood”




Fun Disney Fact! Fiona was the first red-headed Disney Princess when she made her debut in 1988, one year before Ariel did in The Little Mermaid (1989)!

Shrek came out in 2001

Good for him.

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Reblog and you’re guaranteed to be successful at whatever you do next!


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